Why choose Dr Craig Mallorie @ Glenhaven Dental

Why choose Dr Craig Mallorie @ Glenhaven Dental

Glenhaven dental is a multi award winning dental practice based in cardiff. our experienced and knowledgeable dental team will support you throughout your implant journey.

By partnering with Dr Craig Mallorie we can now offer some of the best treatment options for your implants in a comfortable environment that our patients are used to. Dr Mallorie says ‘Dental implants are an investment in yourself for the future enjoyment of food and social interaction. This is not an area to compromise on quality.’

Dr Mallorie has trained extensively in the field of dental implants for the past 11 years in centres of excellence all around the World from the USA, Australia to across Europe in order to provide our patients with predictable results. He has been placing dental implants over this time and now uses arguably the best implant system in the World which is a Swiss company called Straumann. With this system he has success rates of 98.8 percent, so you can rest assured you are making a sound investment in your dental health.

Cheaper clinicians out there may be using cheaper implant systems with poor research behind them and they themselves may not have received the thorough training required to place implants predictably and safely. The best dental implants are non-toxic, safe and biocompatible with your mouth.

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