State of the Art CAD/CAM technology providing:
Strong durable ceramic restorations made in just one appointment

Glenhaven Dental Care is proud to announce that we now offer the new state of the art service which can provide our patients with Crowns, Veneers or Inlays in just one appointment instead of the traditional two appointments over two/three weeks.

At Glenhaven Dental Care you can benefit from the very latest dental technology by choosing CEREC® (CERamic REConstruction). This technology has been backed by over 30-years of clinical research and practical experience, CEREC® enables dental treatments such as crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays to be completed by your dentist in a single visit. There is no need to wear a temporary crown or wait weeks for a restoration to be made in the traditional manner

With a CEREC® restoration a quick and painless digital scan/photo of your teeth is taken, this replaces the often uncomfortable process of taking conventional impressions. The highly accurate 3D image is then used to design the restoration to the exact specification needed – while you wait.

You can watch as your restoration is produced in the practice using special dental materials, carefully selected to match the colour of your existing teeth. The crown, bridge, inlay or onlay can then be fitted immediately, with no need for a second appointment.

CEREC® is the fast and long-lasting tooth replacement solution, which enables our patients to benefit from the latest in dental digital technology.

For a video explaining CEREC® please click here

Cerec© is one of the most cutting edge pieces of advanced technology available in Dentistry. It is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system used for the production of all ceramic inlays, onlays (partial crowns), veneers and crowns which are constructed on-site in the Dental Practice.

The Cerec© procedure is usually as follows:
• Before treatment begins we inform the patient about the benefits of Cerec©
• After removing the decayed tissue or the patients filling we create a 3D image of the tooth/teeth with the aid of a Cerec© Camera
• The restoration is designed on the monitor of the Cerec© Acquisition Unit while you wait and watch
• The Cerec© Milling unit creates the restoration out of a ceramic block
• The milled restoration is bonded (glued) to the patient’s tooth/teeth

All ceramic restorations are usually:
• one visit
• involve no impression taking
• involve no temporaries (crowns or dressings)
• are metal free
• are highly cosmetic
• are long lasting

The Cerec© Procedure means that there is no need for the unpleasant bulky impressions, no need for temporary crowns or fillings (as the restoration will be fitted on the day) and no substantial waiting period for impressions to be sent off site to a dental Lab.

Strong durable ceramic restorations made in just one appointment

Ceramic Reconstruction
In 5 easy Steps


The Preparation

The defective filling and decay is removed.


The 3D Imaging

A 3D image of the tooth is created using a small camera -no need for impressions


CEREC® Design

The restoration is created using the CEREC® computer

The restoration is made using our in house CEREC® milling machine.
This restoration will fit precisely to your tooth cavity.

The restoration is bonded (glued) to your tooth.
The colour and appearance make the special ceramic material blend to your tooth.

The CEREC® treatment procedure means:

No conventional impressions

The CEREC® 3D measuring camera scans the prepared tooth in just a few seconds. This eliminates the need for impressions

No Temporary Fillings or Crowns

CEREC® restorations are milled out of a solid ceramic block in approximately 30 minutes. They are then ready to be placed immediately. This eliminates the need for temporary fillings and crowns.

No long waiting periods

Because CEREC® restorations can be placed immediately you will only need one appointment.

CEREC® at a Glance

• One Visit
• No Impressions
• No Temporaries
• Metal-free
• Highly Cosmetic
• Long Lasting