Tooth Coloured Fillings

Fillings are designed to repair or replace parts of the tooth that have been lost through wear, damage or decay. Many people don’t like silver fillings that show when they laugh or smile. Nowadays fillings are not only functional but can be natural looking as well.

White fillings

Fillings are made from a number of materials. Although amalgam (silver) fillings are functional, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing. White fillings can be used in place of silver fillings as a more cosmetic alternative. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate material with you if a filling is necessary.


If the area of damage or decay is more extensive, your dentist might recommend an inlay. An inlay is very similar to a white filling; however Inlays are made in a laboratory so are more aesthetic and are much stronger than direct fillings. The preparation for an inlay is very conservative as only damaged tooth structure is removed. After the tooth has been prepared, an impression is taken.

A dental laboratory technician hand crafts the inlay to exactly fit the prepared cavity. An inlay can take approximately 2 weeks to be made; in the meantime, a temporary filling will be placed to protect the tooth. Inlays are also used to replace large silver fillings, for a more aesthetic, durable restoration.